Links to tools teachers can use to make their professional lives easier are provided here.  I have not yet divided this area into subsections, but may if it continues to grow.
Quia! - allows you to create your own games, quizzes, and homepages
The Educatorís Toolkit
Professional Library: Alternative Assessment
Assessment Rubrics
Online Resources for Assessment
Classroom Management Resources
WWW Evaluation Checklist
Quiz Lab
A Game a Day
Filamentality - allows you to create your own web-based resources and activities - allows you to create your own Course Site
e-groups - set up your own e-mail discussion group - free stuff for educators
Great - Jobs and Free Resources for Teachers
Personal Educational Press - A free online utility for teachers, parents, and tutors to make flashcards, print word lists, and generate worksheets for educational games.
Clearinghouse Online - the educatorís guide to instructional technology resources that supports Californiaís curriculum framework and standards
RetireNet - a variety of resources that help educators plan and save for retirement
SURWEB - allows people to create multimedia presentations in minutes using images, sounds & movies provided by SURWEB or other digital sources.
RHL School Stuff - features free weekly worksheets for reading comprehension, mathematics problem solving, and use of reference materials
Seminar Finder - Easily locate and register for professional seminars, continuing education courses and online learning on a variety of topics, in cities throughout the world.
Designing Performance Assessments
Teacher-to-Teacher Webforum - communicate with other teachers around the world
School Express - Free Worksheets
Quizzes, Tests, Puzzles, and Games
Classroom Management
Certificate Maker
Teacher's Tools (TRC)
4 Teachers: Teachers Tools
Pathways to School Improvement
Helping Your Students With Homework: A Guide for Teachers
Grant Opportunity Resources
Free Materials for Educators
Free Things for Educators
Creating Lesson Plans - Excellent tips on how to create outstanding lessons
ePALS Classroom Exchange
The Chalkboard - provides teachers with a wealth of tools, including job listings, classroom materials, services, and awards
QuickTest On-Line Test Generator
School Express - Free Worksheets
Assessment & Evaluation on the Internet
Schema for Developing an Extended Performance-based Unit of Study
Learning Gate  a one-stop resource for productivity and instructional tools, professional development, connectivity, and customer support, both at home and school.
Ask the Teacher (SAMI)
Teacher Contacts (Classroom Connect)
Teacher's Lounge (Real Kids Real Adventures)  
Worksheets by Subject (School Express)  
Education Employment Center
Grants Web
Class - Put your class on the net!