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P.E. Central
Health World Online
My Fitness
Game Central Station - P.E. games and activities for children
Health and Fitness World Guide
Coaching Youth Sports
Bodies in Motion - Minds at Rest
North American Youth Sports Institute
Fitness Link
Web Coach - a site dedicated to Physical Education teachers and coaches
Benny Goodsport
Sports Media
The Physical Education Page
P.E. Centre
AAHPERD - American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
WWW Women's Sports Page - an index of links to women's and girl's sports pages around the WWW
A Great Physical Education Site
Health Teacher
P.E. Links 4 U
Physical Education Lesson Plan Page
Physical Education Primary Ltd.
Physical Education Digest
P.E. Lesson Plans and Activities
Wellness Forum
Physical Education Lesson Plans
Ask E.R.I.C. Lesson Plans - Physical Education
SPARK - an innovative elementary (K-6) phsical education curriculum and staff development program
Cybertown Health and Physical Education
Dance Teacher's Resource Guide
The Fitness Files