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I have divided this category into the following areas:
General language resources
Other Languages
Foreign Languages for Travelers - this site has links to over seventy different languages, as well as travel information
Database of Language Resources
Language Dictionaries and Translators
Vocabulary Training Exercises - in English, German, French, and Spanish
Altavista Translation Services
Internet Activities for Foreign Language Classes
Ethnologue: Languages of the World - Just about every language spoken in the world can be found at this useful site.
Foreign Language News and Newspapers - electronic journals, newspapers and magazines available in Chinese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Russian and Portuguese
Foreign - free translation tools
The Language Resource - over 1500 language resources
Internet Resources for Language Teachers and Learners
The Multilingual Circus
The UCLA Language Materials Project- contains an abundance of  language  material  in  just  about every language and on different levels
Language Experiences
Library in the Sky: Languages
Spanish Language Places - places to go to read information in Spanish
Learn Spanish - a free online tutorial
Spanish Resources
A Base for Learning Spanish
Learn Spanish Language and Latino Culture
Basic Spanish for the Virtual Student
Espanol Flashcards
Spanish Pronto
The French Page
French for Beginners - contains basic French words and phrases
The French Tutorial
French Resources
French Teacher's Resources
French Assistant
French Language
Texthaus - the interactive online learning service for German
in cooperation with Goethe-Institut Milan
Babel - a basic course in Arabic
Japanese Online - sixteen language turotials with vocabulary, grammar, dialogues, and sound bites
JA Connection - entry level Japanese course Latin - includes articles and a home Latin course
Classics Resources - a list of classical language resources
WWW Guide: Afrikaans
WWW Guide: Amharic
Email Chinese - a free daily newsletter delivering practical examples of Chinese grammar and vocabulary to your mail box
Centro Studi Italiani - The Italian Electronic Classroom
Greek and Latin Language Resources
The Latin Page
RussNet - Russian language resources
Dave's ESL Cafe - the place to learn English
The Internet TESL Journal
ESHP:  The  English Studies Home Page - includes the story of English, English verbs, essential grammar, and style and slang.
Interactive Javascript Quizzes for ESL Students
Randall's ESL Cyber-Listening Lab - requires Real Player
ESL Webguide
Karin's ESL Partyland - quizzes and games
The ESL Wonderland - resources for students and teachers