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The wonderful thing about the internet is that you can go just about anywhere you want without ever leaving your home, classroom or office.  Take a virtual trip today!
Virtual Field Trips - This site has a wealth of field trips available.  A must see!
Quest - take a trip through the Americas, Asia, the Galapagos, Africa and the ancient Mayan empire
At Sea - a virtual voyage around the world
Bike About - the first "wired," human powered, (bicycle), land-bound circumnavigation of the Mediterranean Sea
Crossing the Empty Quarter - three Canadian explorers take us on their journey across the world's largest sand desert
Curious Kids
Desert Journey through Israel
Electronic Field Trip to the United Nations
The Exploring Travelogue - various field trips around the world
GOALS - educational adventures with an emphasis on science, technology and nature.
Hitchhiking Vietnam: Letters from the Trail
Kremlin to the Caspian - a bicycle journey across the Russian heartland
Odyssey in Egypt
Shackleton's Antarctic Journey
Travels with Mousey - an interactive adventure in the land of Egypt
CARE Journey to Bolivia
CARE Journey to Mali
Virtual Field Trip: Virtually Hawaii
A Visit to Nepal
Voyage to the Galapagos
White House for Kids
World Surfari - take a trip each month to a different destination