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This category has been subdivided into the following categories:
Visual Arts
ArtsEdge - a wealth of information about the visual and performing arts
The Artchive - descriptions and graphics on many great artists and their work
Kidzdraw - a fun place for kids to hang out.  They can take an art lesson or post original work of their own.
Arch Net - a valuable source of architecture-related information and resources
Art Room - a virtual learning environment for exploring the world of art
Art for Kids - art projects, art history and more
Bettie Lake's The Art Teacher Connection - a wealth of valuable resources for art teachers and anyone interested in art
ArtsEdNet - great curriculum ideas and lesson plans
Mr. Rose Shows You the Art Room - great ideas and finished projects
Color Matters - all about color!
The Garden of Origami
KinderArt - K-8 art projects and ideas
The Incredible Art Department - a wealth of valuable art resources
Leonardo's Workshop - time travel back to the Renaissance.  Tons of activities and art games
Art Safari - fun adventures in art
Ring of Passion: Five Emotions in World Art
World Wide Art Resources - access to artists, museums, galleries, high quality art, art history, arts education, antiques, performing arts, classified ads, resume postings, arts chats, arts forums and much more
The World of Puppets
Essentials of Music - a musical "textbook" online
Piano on the Net - Piano lessons on three ability levels
Choral Net - choir resources on the WWW
Franklin Institute Music Education Hotlist
Worldwide Internet Music Resources
Children's Music Web
Classical Composer's Archive
Classical Net
Music 101 - a collection of articles, links, and other information to help make learning music easier
Music Education Launch Site - an internet community for music educators
Music Education Online
The Contemporary Recorder
The Piano Education Page - a one-stop resource for teachers, students, parents of students, and fans of the piano with over 600 pages of free information, upgraded biweekly
Music Education at Datadragon
Music Notes: An Online Interactive Musical Experience
MusicNet - internet site dedicated to the spread of Music Education - a service which enables parents, students and musicians to find music teachers, music schools and music lessons anywhere in the United States
The Instrumental Music Resource Page
The Electric Ballerina - computer-generated simulations of steps and positions, requires Quick Time
Dance Library: Resources
American Ballet Online Dictionary
Artslynx International Dance Resources
Ballet Web
Fine Arts - Dance Curriculum Courses
Cyber Dance - Ballet on the Net
Folk Dance Resources on the WWW
Dance Online
Dance - a wealth of valuable dance resources
The Drama Teacher's Resource Room
The Costume Page
The English Server's Drama Collection - plays and screenplays from Carnegie-Mellon English Server
Theatricopia - an abundance of links and more for Musical Theatre fans
Artslynx International - Theatre Resources
Reader's Theater
Kids 4 Broadway - Provides theatre and pantomime activities for younger children
A Dramatic Education - great resources for the drama teacher
All the Classroom's a Stage!
Broadway Classroom